A fool who sold his Tool:

We are one..

We are one..

A fool who sold his Tool:

I have seen,heard and read most of the manual testers hollering against automation testing.Why dont they convince themselves that automation and manual testing are not two independent branches,but it’s a supplement for making manual testing an ease.
I am very sorry for the people who tend to be so negative, who have difficulty thinking outside of the box and always believe that the tools or automation test which fail to catch bug is not needed either.
One of the famous tester has said “A fool with a tool is still a fool”,indeed! it’s correct.You must know the value of the tool and ask yourself why these tools have been developed ?

Either they are afraid of being replaced by the tools or they are unable to explore the benefits of automation.I can say that not all but most of you will be replaced.
Just recall the days when everyone had belief that banking shouldn’t be done over internet or personal data must be kept inside own premises.There were 100s of workers doing those stuffs of traditional file handling,suddenly with a BANG!!! workers : computer ratio became 10:10, 90 workers job were replaced by 1-7 computers.

One of the famous tester said “Tools cannot do the things that human can do” it’s also partially correct. But my question is :

1.Yes human can load 1000000 data.
2.Yes human can do performance testing with 100s of clients.
3.Yes human can do load testing.
4.Yes human can compare thousands of data and yeah
5.Human can stay overnight and run the test as tools do.

Yes human can,why not! i am sure they can do/complete these stuffs before they inhale the last o2 on earth 🙂

I watched a video of a famous testing personality on youtube saying ” None of the books related to software testing are accurate or correct or provide specific information”–well, i doubt he has read all testing books available on this earth. why we are against our own field?

I sometimes wonder why these creatures are against the automation and sees that automation is entirely different stuffs on software testing field. I sincerely urge them not to go against the tool of your field, it’s been developed for you only and please do not be dumb and sell/throw the tool,coz it’ll benefit you more than you think.
It’s often said “before entering into the battlefield make sure that your weapons are sharp”
Automation tool itself cannot find bugs as human do, but they provide a valuable information to the stakeholders about the confidence and coverage of our testing activities.
Sometimes automated tests can even expose unexpected or unpredictable behavior of the system.Moreover it provides a great help in regression testing of the build; n-number of times.
I am not against these manual testers who blow the trumpet of manual testing but, against the people who are polluting the automation environment.It’s our tool, if we do not give respect to it then who else will?

Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she had laid an asteroid–Mark Twain

so please,please,please do not be the fool and sell your tool.


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