Recording modes in QTP:low level and analog recording:-

Recording modes in QTP:low level and analog  recording:-

Q.How many types of recording modes in QTP?describe  each type ? or Guidelines for Analog and Low Level  Recording in QTP blah blah blah….
Well, above question is listed on several QTP forums and most of them has remained unanswered till date. I thought that it’ll help beginners; if i shed some basic light on it.Here it goes….
Recording modes in QTP:low level and analog recording:-
Normal recording mode is your default recording mode as it records and performs operation on the test object regardless of their location on the application under test screen.
Analog recording mode:Shift+alt+f3 is a short cut for branching towards analog recording while recording. It records the exact operation and cordinates of our mouse on the screen.
eg:.WinEdit(“Edit”).Click 289, 5, micRightBtn
Finally, Low level recording mode(Ctrl+Shift+f3) is used when neither of the above technique failed to recognize your test object. It records all run time objects as a window object (Winobject).It records on the object basic level.
You can switch between Analog recording and Low revel recording in the middle of the recording session.

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  1. Posted by sivasurya on May 11, 2010 at 3:25 am

    it is very useful for automation test engineers


  2. Thank You Siv!


  3. Posted by ASHU on May 7, 2011 at 1:07 pm



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